JET 3000 In Circuit TesterICT TESTER

Check the parts on the PCB or FPC board through the electrical contact test
Disconnection, short circuit, missing parts, tombstone, wrong parts, reverse and other problems,
Defects and defects caused by mid-production in the PCBA process

JET 3000 In Circuit Tester
Accurate and direct defects, effective detection and rapid repair
In the face of a complex process, you need equipment that can directly detect and quickly correct shortcomings in the process
JET 3000 PDU can meet your needs, simple and intuitive inspection process
Quickly do a large number of inspections for your products, and leave a complete production inspection history for your products
3000 ML / XL IN LINE
Fully automated testing, complete testing, products require no employee touch, reducing the risk caused by static electricity discharge.
The JET 3000 ML/XL fully automated IN LINE inspection equipment solves manufacturing industry issues related to personnel, equipment, and testing in unmanned production processes. It enables you to improve yield, shorten lead times, and enhance production and testing efficiency. The equipment offers real-time monitoring, inspection history tracing, quality analysis reports, and anomaly management. It provides automated information to quickly rectify process deficiencies.