JET 7500 TBII double side AOI

JET 7500 TBII have dual Optic Scanner systems,it inspect Both Side of PCBA In a same time,to detect most of the faults
On the top side of the board such as missing parts,wrong palarity,chipping,crack,wrong parts…etc,

and in the meanwhile it detect solder faults at the bottom side of a DIP board,such as poor solder ,short ,false solder, open, pin hole. excess solder, insufficient solder,..etc,so as to assure the perfect quality of the product before shipping

customer who adopt 7500TBII as the final inspection solution could not only save manpower and space also reduce the number of faulty product delivered to the hand of his customer,result the higher degree of customer satisfaction, That’s why recently most of the world class electronic manufacturing service company already have setup 7500TBII for final inspection at the end of their SMD/DIP production line

JET 7500 TBII Double Side AOI
7500 TBII double Optic Scanner system it inspect Both Side of PCBA
1. Inspect two sides of PCBA simultaneously to save time ,space and money
2. Implement factory automation ,standardize and digitize the Production process and provide good information for production history tracking
3. In line automatic inspection to prevent defects coming from handing problem of manual inspection